Around The World In Eighty Days (Extraordinary Voyages, #11)

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Worries build over Trump’s ability to manage a vaccination program

When it comes to spearheading the management of a massive and complex federal project to beat back the coronavirus in real time, this White House inspires little confidence. Last week, President Donald Trump sat for another news interview in which nobody could quite be sure what he was talking about.  “You know there are those that say … Read more Hello world!

Give Trump credit for the First Step Act — but not for much else on criminal justice issues

Trump’s record brims with proposals and policies that enrage civil rights activists and negatively affect African Americans. With diverse groups of demonstrators in every state taking to the streets to protest police violence and systemic racism, it’s time to look at the administration’s record on criminal justice issues. There is good news. Trump signed the … Read more Hello world!