AviationManuals Offers Mx Manuals for Part 91 Ops

AviationManuals has developed a customized general maintenance manual (GMM) for Part 91 operations that is available through ARCdocs software and an iPad app. The digital GMM addresses procedures for maintenance leadership and shop floor staff and covers items such as roles and responsibilities, personnel policies, inspection programs, minimum equipment list management, and functional flight checks.

“A GMM is another valuable resource business aviation flight departments should consider having to help reinforce procedures, best practices, and to assure adherence to consistent standards,” said AviationManuals CEO Mark Baier. “It helps flight departments from everything to staying on top of changing and complex operations to helping with employee onboarding.”

The GMM can be tailored to a variety of flight department sizes and their needs, according to AviationManuals. It can also be helpful for contract workers to assimilate in an organization with which they might be unfamiliar, the company added.

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