CBSE launches TERM to introduce productive classroom training

CBSE TERM initiative

In order to help the children and teachers to introduce productive classroom training to build competencies, the CBSE has recently launched the Teacher Energized Resource Manuals (TERM) especially for the teachers from class 6 to 10. 

About TERM

The 2020-21 academic sessions have been dedicated by the CBSE to competency-based learning where the focus of teaching must be on outcomes of the students. Biswajit Saha, Director (training and skill education), CBSE while speaking about the programme stated that TERM is a suggestive mechanism introduced by the CBSE for the teachers to develop pedagogical plans while implementing competency-based learning in the classrooms reviewing its outcome. The CBSE has also asked the teachers to encourage the students to voice their suggestions along with further improving the manuals. 

The Manuals suggest activities which can be carried out by the teachers with learners to explain the concepts. Teachers will also be able to adapt and create activities that align to a given concept.

He further added that completing the syllabus and examining students through a set of question papers has been practiced for decades and it is time to think differently looking beyond textbooks and focus on developing competencies of the child rather than only knowledge. 

The CBSE  has initially launched TERM for Science and Mathematics as a large number of students do not show any interest in these two subjects. 

Other subjects to be included soon

Saha also added that the CBSE  is starting with these two subjects as it has been observed that a large number of students do not show any interest in Maths and Science. With the help of TERM, the board is hoping to retain curiosity and also generate interest among the students about the subjects. He further stated that the other subjects will also be covered under TERM.

Although TERM is meant for the teachers, parents can also access it to help their children improve competencies. The manuals are available for download on the Diksha portal or on the official website of CBSE.

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